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rainbow peep cupcakes.

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Jul 22nd, 2012

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How to Make Ice Cream Filled Cupcakes 
Jun 24th, 2012

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Jun 24th, 2012
Do you?

Should i pay respect for someone who never apologize for her/his mistakes? or even admitting that they have done something’s wrong with you?

Yes, i do use social media to channel my feelings,like most people do, but not for satirizing. If yo do feel it as an insinuation for you? than think over about your attitude. Oh maybe now you call me as a person who has lack-of-social-manners. 

But hey, I am not kind of person who sarcastically satirize people’s using social media, pointing mistake to certain peoples. 

And yes, i know, i am not a good person. But see this, you have certain people (at my age) who slowly keep a distance with you? This has been bothering you rite? And if you had issues when there’s someone abusing social media when talking about you, then you too do the same thing when you start to sarcastically satirize them and make them read your writing about it. You should realize it.

Well, Who has to be a grown up? ? or maybe having lack-of-social-manners?

I do have limit for my tolerance. I have it enough.

Let me say this straight, i am not saying that i am a better person than you. I am still young, still learning manners in life. But at the end of the day, at least, i have a gut to admit my faults. I do have manner for apologize. And do you?

Jun 23rd, 2012
Jun 22nd, 2012
Jun 22nd, 2012
"People who always busy taking care of other people’s business should considering her/his lives. Because that attitude is proving how boring her’s/his’s live is. - me just invented"
Jun 21st, 2012